Go Ahead, Make Your Move...

...incredibly smooth and easy with this list of helpful suggestions based on questions most often asked of your mover.

You can save time, money and headaches by following these suggestions:

Telephone your mover well in advance so your move can be scheduled for the day you prefer.

Show your mover everything you want him to move so he can give you a reliable estimate including any special packing services you may require.

Notify the following people that you are moving and when:
A) Post Office
B) Bank
C) Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacy
D) Newspaper Delivery Person
E) Utilities
F) Charge Accounts
G) Schools
H) Employer

If your employer is helping to pay moving expenses, find out what preparations, if any, you need to make.

Get or prepare a moving expense log. Many moving expenses are tax deductable, however receipts and accurate records are required.

If you will be driving a long distance to your new home, make sure you service your car.

Keep all your valuables such as legal documents, important papers, jewelry and currency in your personal possession.

On moving day, make sure you disconnect utilities, lock windows and doors, make a final inspection and leave keys with realtor or landlord.

When you arrive at your new home, make sure you meet your movers promptly, supervise inspection and leave keys with realtor or landlord.

After your move is complete, relax; take the family to dinner, go to a movie and spend your first night in a good hotel or motel. You've got plenty of time to work on your new home tomorrow.
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